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Use CommunityFinder to subscribe to your neighborhood's e-mail discussion list. Neighbor-to-neighbor connections are the best way to keep up with happenings and watch out for each other.

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Connect with Central Austin


Central Austin CDC @cdcatx

@cdcatx is a Twitter feed established to promote the work of the Central Austin CDC. The feed's focus is hyperlocal on Central Austin. It informs the public on matters of common interest while strengthening the community.


CACDC @crimeatx

@crimeatx is a crime watch Twitter feed that promotes crime prevention and public safety awareness in our area. It was established by the Central Austin CDC in January 2012 to help inform and prepare the community in the immediate aftermath of the New Year's Eve attacks and the murder of Esme Barrera. The feed is mirrored on the Facebook page CentralAustinCDC.

A 501c3 created to align public resources with citizen intent, the Central Austin CDC enhances the livability, safety, and diversity of our community by building bridges of communication and respect among people.

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Map of Neighborhood Planning Areas

Locate your neighborhood plan with the City of Austin's interactive Neighborhood Plan Map.

Central Austin CDC @cdcatx

@cdcatx promotes the work of the Central Austin CDC, informing the community of events of interest and public policy issues.

CACDC @crimeatx

@crimeatx is a crime watch Twitter feed that promotes crime prevention and public safety awareness.

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