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Imagine Austin... Without Central Austin?

The unique urban fabric of Central Austin was laid down with 170 years of cultural and economic activity. Patterns of urban land use have been at work in this tapestry for just as long. Central Austin is an irreproducible, complete community. It is one of the keystones that makes Austin what it is today: an irreplaceable asset to the city as a whole. About our work...

Austin Light Rail: A New Proposal for 2016

Urban Parks Targeted Acquisition Area

Transportation success is measured in moving people, not in moving their cars. Rail offers the greatest capacity for moving people, surpassing any other mode for its cost effectiveness, capacity and throughput, against any other method, proven or unproven. Our proposal would be the next step in Austin's utilization of rail, and would cost-effectively serve a corridor with the highest transit ridership, the highest population density, and the highest employment density of any other corridor in the city. Read more...

Fair and Affordable Housing

Fair and Affordable Housing

Report: Family Displacement in Central Austin: Approaches for Regulating the High Occupancy Unit. In the last few years, a relatively new housing type has emerged in Austin: the High-Occupancy Unit (HOU). The HOU is not defined or regulated in any neighborhood plan, nor is it written in Austin’s Land Development Code. Yet the HOU has changed traditional patterns of residential life in Central Austin, and upset the balance of our complete urban community more than any code change or plan adoption ever has. Read more...

State of Texas and University of Texas Land:
Public Private Partnerships (P3)

Public Private Partnerships (P3)

June 14, 2013: Governor Signs Texas Facilities Commission Sunset Bill SB211 Into Law, Protecting Local Communities Read more... The planning and development of the last remaining open public lands in Central Austin is more than just a once in a lifetime opportunity to shape our growth. Find out how a city-led public planning approach could shape these projects to deliver schools, urban rail, parks, and infrastructure to serve this community.

Parks, Urban Agriculture and Open Space

Urban Parks Targeted Acquisition Area

The Austin Parks and Recreation Department and the Urban Parks Workgroup have embarked on an ambitious Urban Infill Parks Initiative to serve our community with a network of new, walkable parks. See if your neighborhood has been identified as a targeted acquisition area. Read more...

Land Use and Development

Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan

On June 15, 2012, the Austin City Council adopted the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan. Combined with existing neighborhood plans, Imagine Austin will guide the city's growth for the next 30 years by directing land use through zoning changes, transportation infrastructure planning, and municipal program development. Read more...

A 501c3 created to align public resources with citizen intent, the Central Austin CDC enhances the livability, safety, and diversity of our community by building bridges of communication and respect among people.

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